September 30, 2005

Playstation 3 Fakes

Posted in General at 7:50 am by playstation3

Surfing the web, you can find many interesting things. 

In example, a lot of known and unknown artists  use to share their concept designs of hi-tech products, by publishing awesome pictures on forums and web magazines.

Some of them looking weird, some looking funny.

So, I decided to collect the best Playstation 3 fakes around, and to post them in those pages. Impressive, uh? :)

My favourite… elegance and style imbued in an amazing hi-tech design


this one is cool, as well :)


Good concept on this white ps3, interesting pic


oh well… this one looks quite old, doesn’t it? :)

Praise the Playstation 3 artists :)


  1. tom said,

    i thing some of the good designs should have had a chance to run up.

  2. free ps3 said,

    its crazy to look at the old designs and now see what they ended up with

  3. hahaaha shit desighns said,


  4. emmaleina said,

    i think that that fake white ps3 looks good it looks better than the real ps3 that they have brought out

  5. xXxD.MaN!xXx said,

    you lot are sad!! low you not man, fuckin neeks!

  6. rhonicia said,

    i think that playstation 3 is okay because i have one and my brother just brought home the xbox 360 and it’s way way way way better than the ps3 more graphics but that is one thing the ps3 has in common for it’s graphics it is incredible.but xbox360 is the shit.ama get one and sell my playstation 3.

    • TreJaun Hawks said,

      you fucking fagot the XBOX 360 is a peice of shit you have no taste in games you faggot azz bytch ass licker dick faced whore

      • Buqq said,

        Wow. Someones mad. Lolz.
        But yea the PS3 looks sexy.

  7. joe said,

    1 of dem is a fukin ps2

  8. what the heck the last ps3 was just a two ps2 stack together it looks so idiot

  9. What the fricken hell the last ps3 was just two ps2 stacked together what a idiot look

  10. jay mitch said,

    the white ps3 looks cool.

    weymouth rocks

  11. 46464 said,

    when is the white ps3 comin in the uk?

  12. san nab said,

    Its not :(! i think it’s either Asia or America that get it… but there is a red ps3

  13. puffy said,

    the 3rd and 4th are ok but the 3rd one looked like an old rackmount from the 80s

  14. Goffy widnes said,

    i think da ps3 is sound lad !!

  15. Brad 2k7 said,

    I think that they are all not very nice lookin

  16. Evan said,

    man. the ps3 they when with is a lot sexier than this diagram.
    thank god they went with a different disgn than that. i would throw-up if that thing released

  17. awesome idea said,

    I think the UMD idea on the first one is really cool..too bad Sony didn’t do that..but the UMD extra would have been really cool.

  18. coldfusion said,

    Is it just me or does the middle one look very similar to the Wii???

  19. hells angel said,

    the white one looks like its suitable for PS4 (wait why is the atari symbol al over the place?)

  20. Lymarkcus Jackson said,

    those should be the real deal

  21. jhonny said,

    that bitch is ugly

  22. […] Images: Playtstation 3 Fakes […]

  23. […] konnte ich mich noch an Bilder von 2005 erinnern, da wurde gesagt, die PS3 wrde so aussehen… Playstation 3 Fakes Playstation 3 bLog Das Controllerbild gabs auch schon vor Jahren fr die PS3, finde grad keinen Link mit Datum […]

  24. paulo vitor said,

    que mentira

  25. aric said,

    that ho iz ugly lol!

  26. aric said,

    ho ho ho

  27. aric said,

    im santa kids yal all been biches

  28. aric said,

    suck my my cookies n drink my milk

  29. aric said,

    im hackin every1 who reads this!

  30. i think that you all have eye problems… hmmmm
    dot dot dot i also think that you can’t handle the truth!!!
    i’m number one and you all aren’t! go back to public school and play snake!

  31. CoolGuy said,

    wow, hooooja monir you totally not #1, you know how I know that? Because I am #1 and there can only be one #1 and thats me. Why dont you go home and cry to your cats you cat person!!11!!1111!!!!!1111one!!!1111

    I am the king of gambalon and you are my pheasent.

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  33. hoooja monir said,

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  34. CoolGuy said,

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    so your not #1 and I’m totally hackin your account right now

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      me+ fight with you= i’m number one

  35. CoolGuy said,

    Your crooked views on my dad are totally WRONG! My dad only askes me to rub him down when he has groin itches. So its not like I do it 24/7! :P

    You smell so bad that you make it look like Tyler Metcalf uses deoderant.

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    Me+you= I win

  36. hoooja monir said,

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  37. hooooja monir said,


    that’s you coolguy i found you at last!!! your father must be proud no wonder your mom left ohh i’m #1 btw!!!!!!!!!

  38. Chad said,

    its kinda neat to see some of the different designs.

  39. ugo amadi said,

    who will actually buy it

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