September 26, 2005

Playstation 3 controller – Banana?

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banana pad!
A lot of people don’t like the PS3 official pad at all. Someone doesn’t like the Banana-Shape (that I find funny) and someone was expecting something more futuristic, but the main problem that’s creating a lot of confusion between gamers is about its usability: it’s too small, just too small.

The interface, in effects, looks quite impractical for game pros.

But maybe it’s too soon to judge it… And I ask You:

What’s the best console/pc controller pad you’ve ever had in your hands?



  1. Alireza said,

    The Nintendo 64, by far.
    It was wierd, akward, and definately not typical, but it was the best. It was basically 3 controllers in one.

  2. jesus said,

    nop… boomerang.. :p

  3. Cheyenne said,

    What the hell is with the controller.

  4. Cheyenne said,

    This controller sucks if a fat kid saw this he would eat the controller and what kind of game is this controller for anyways.

  5. Cheyenne said,

    Donkey kong?

  6. thats for me to know said,

    This controller is reason enough to not get the ps3

  7. devante said,

    that is not the real deal the controller is like a boomerang shape and looks better that what ever that thing is because if u go 2 the website of the ps3 they will show u the real controller

  8. CHRIS said,

    yeh u know u people are very old fashioned why dont you embrace the futre not say “o crap thats different (lets say its crap)” BEFORE YOU HAVE USED IT

  9. wireless said,

    Ok, they fixed it now… are you happy? Now the controller is a reason to get the PS3. As if I didn’t want one already…

  10. dingie said,

    THEY HAVE FINALLY REALEASED A NEW CONTROLLER. one that im sure we’re all used to. Find it there!

  11. Two xtreme said,

    I think the ps3 is going to kick ass this year so u ps3 hater go find to hate on because you lost this round.

  12. Two xtreme said,

    i lied wii is the shit

  13. nintendo rev rule said,

    who’s this female? ps3 has nothing their done for. Wii is going to out sell both the xbox 360 and ps3 just like the did the old gens with the gamecube. All the other systems trie to copy them. Why can’t they come up with their own like nintendo. They don’t even make their own games. ps3 is shit

  14. Two xtreme said,

    sorry my friend wrote “wii is the shit” trust me

  15. Two xtreme said,

    sorry, my friend wrote “wii is the shit” trust me I,m a ps3 fan not a wii fan so for the wii nerd fan ps3 got two word for nintendo fan suck it!

  16. wow said,


    ps3 should be the best 600 bucks i ever spent


  17. rachael said,

    check out this fight video…

  18. Free Wii said,

    Check this out! This is amazing and actually works. FREE WII!!

  19. ERM PEOPLE??? said,

    ermm…i think you people forgot the actual question,
    “What’s the best console/pc controller pad you’ve ever had in your hands?”

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    thats why i have read it entirely

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