September 25, 2005

Playstation 3 Release Date

Posted in General, news & rumors at 7:41 am by playstation3

So, after all this chatting about Playstation 3, we didn’t talk about one of the most asked questions.

When are we going to put our sticky hands on the mighty PS3?

Playstation 3 Release Date is still not known exactly. Well, it’s knownl, but still not official. Let’s say that a promotional spot announced it for * Spring 2006 *. Where, how and why (mh… maybe we know this one) is still a mistery.

Wherever PS3 will pop out, be sure that it’s going to fly right to my house as soon as possible.

I’ll probably have to sell my pc or my car to buy it, so if someday I’ll stop writing without any apparent reason you’ll guess why :)

Just kidding, I will never leave You alone.



  1. Mikey said,


  2. Mikey said,

    Hi do you know how much ps3 is ganna cost

  3. Danny said,

    there are going to be two different versions available a 40 gig and a 60 gig hard drive and prices are going to be around $500-$600 respectively

  4. sheila said,

    i love that metal!

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