September 24, 2005

Playstation 3 vs XBox 360

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Round one…. Fight!

Now, confronting the specifications as they are given is not easy as it seems. Numbers are almost always just numbers, and you have to make a deep tech analysis to guess which one (if there is one) is better. 

Playstation 3 will implement a 3.2 mhZ Cell processor (!!!), with seven processing units nested in it, working in synergy;  Xbox 360, instead, will mount a multicore PowerPC processor, 3.2 mhZ as well, with three dual-threaded cores, that should be able to handle up to six threads at a time. In both cases, we are talking about dream machines.

Xbox 360 mounts 512 mb of UNIFIED Ram, that means that its memory will be shared between CPU and GPU (Computing Processor and Graphic Processor, noA), while the PS3 will have it separated in two indipendent blocks: a 256XDR and a 256 GDDR3 memory units, respectively. 
Both systems have enough memory for developers to have fun; Playstation 2 has 32 mb DRAM, just to make things clear .

The external capabilities of Playstation 3 are really impressive: 6 (six!) usb 2.0 ports, a memory stick slot, a SD slot, and compact flash support: a nice surprise, when many Sony systems are usually oriented to be used with Sony-only products, like Memory Stick Duo.

XBox 360 is not so versatile, having just 2 mmc slots and some usb port.

While XBox uses *simple* dual-layer dvds (about 9 gb of data), that’s going to be much more useful in the very-next future, Playstation 3 will implement the TERRIFIC 54 GB Blu-ray discs. I ask myself… what the fuck should they put in 54 gb? That’s more than my laptop’s hd containing the work of a lifetime . Will we have cinema-quality movies on our tv screen?

Let’s talk about network. XBox will implement a built-in Ethernet adapter and an extra wi-fi adapter (not included in the standard pack), while Sony Playstation 3 will be sold with the both of them. In both cases, the way they will handle online gaming will be crucial: crushing people on the other side of the world seems to be a must for gamers, wherever they are.

People who like to steal neighbor’s wi-fi connection should buy a Playstation 3, without any doubt :)

It’s very hard in this phase to say what console is better, let’s just take it as a very preliminary comparison.

We know what Sony and Bill Gates are able of, and we’ll be studying every step of their evolution to find out if there is a winner. Playstation 1 killed Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. Playstation 2 sold 4 times more than Nintendo GameCube and Xbox. PSP was something unbelievable between handhelds.

So… Playstation 3 is going to give us a lot of big surprises. But Xbox 360 will probably be  a wonderful console as well. A wonderful Microsoft console :) 



  1. UnforgivenII said,

    Microsoft Xbox is a bunch of losers.. They cant (and will neveer do) beat Ken Kutaragi and Sony!!!

  2. FFFanatic! said,

    Love the preview. You give a pretty good point on how they kind of measure up….but lets not kid ourselves. We know EXACTLY who is gonna win this battle, and that winner is going to be none other than the Playstation3! Its true that most of the information we have so far will stay speculation until the consoles actually come out but if what they tell us is true the PS3 is gonna blow Microsoft out of the water. And to tell u the truth, i dont know why Nintendo even bothers anymore, its just gonna end up just like those before it squashed by Playstation ( Sega, NeoGEO, etc). I always see sites trying to demonize sony and Kutaragi for their arrogance. Yet i cant blame them, to tell the truth Sony is the “Siphiroth” of this world and Microsoft is just that newbie hero who thinks he stands a chance(Notice how i dont call MS a “Cloud”. for they could NEVER be a CLOUD).The fact is its fun being the best like sony, of course it makes u a tad….dare i say…EVIL.

    Playstation3 is also said to host Vid Window internet Chat and such. This kind of thing can be the future of communication. Sony is striving to be the universal entertainment unit while MS on the other hand is just becoming more and more like a desktop PC. I mean if i wanted to do all this crap id just buy a computer for cryin out loud. Im tellin you PS3 is your man for all gaming and entertainment purposes.

  3. Anthony said,

    Ill skeet in playstaion 3’s face. It is 600 without a controler. How ballz is that? The 360 you can get a controler hard drive and a game for 450$. Physicaly the ps3 may be better. But price wise. It is such dic. If you have 1.

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