September 23, 2005

Devil May Cry 4

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Dante in all his beauty:

I still don’t know if it’s just an artwork or an extract from the trailer, or whatever. 

Anyway it’s like Dante (the white-haired bad guy, if you didn’t guess it) is not going to miss the ps3 party. I don’t like very much the DMC saga, but I must admit he’s a cool demon slayer :) 



  1. Tiwill said,

    are you crazy man is the best game ever my man Dante too much man, with all those moves on Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening and the 4 will be on Next – Gen Console PS3 i am very sure this game will be terrible

  2. tommas said,

    dude dante is demon slayer king all his staylizh moves are so cool, he`s one of my favoritt ps2 character and im sure it will not change on ps3

  3. Craig said,

    Tiwill you stupid fucking idiot. GET TASTE!!!!!!!!! if not, go die with xbox in a corner somewhere.

  4. Tokegaroh said,


  5. Shadow30000 said,

    Dante is the best ok lets say he meats cloud for a sword fight who will win

  6. Mastervee said,

    you DONT play Dante in the new DMC4 You play Nero who has a crazy ass arm weapon

  7. What in the name of Jerry Brightonhammer was that all about?
    I dont’ know but it doesn’t make sense to me.

  8. Hey,
    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  9. RandyJones said,

    Looks Like Dallas is in trouble!
    Phoenix might end up blowing them all away.

    PHX vs. Det. Hmmm..Could be interesting?

  10. MaryAnne said,

    I’m not quite understanding what all
    this is supposed to be about?
    Must be me or something…

  11. Transmission said,

    Great stuff here!
    I’ll definitely bookmark this place and come back soon.

  12. JerryGreen said,

    How green is the grass on the other side of the fence?
    Not much. Don’t believe it I tell you.

  13. bits said,

    he’s no bad guy dude !,jus got a killer attitude n is damn cool and i think dmc3 must be in the top5 games of playstation2
    n nero in the dmc4 sux, his gun looks looks like a toy!

  14. Kenneth said,

    Just a short note to say I like your blog.

    Good job and keep up the great work!


  15. JoeyBurns said,

    Wow, there is some really nice info here.
    I’ll definitely come back soon to see everything.
    Way to go! ;-)


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