September 22, 2005

History pearls and riflessions

Posted in General, nostalgic words at 2:27 pm by playstation3

The bad band. Do you like them?

It makes a certain effect. Almost 10 years of wonders!

Looking at the pic makes me thinkful and nostalgic.

I had marvellous memories about the time I spent playing RPGs on my Sega Mega Drive. And Ultima underworld on my 486? A blast. And Mario Bros 3 on my Nintendo 8 bit… oh my god, I had a lot fun. And I even had fun with textual adventures as ADOM or Rogue… Muds. And year after year, videogames start to look less fun and much, much more fascinating.

Think about the ipod: it’s a great mp3 reader, but it’s more than all an object of style, fashion, cult. The same’s happening with videogames: awesome Graphics, stunning Sound, exceptional Character Design.

I’m watching ps3 games trailers that are literally hypnotizing me.

Will playstation 4 play with humans? Will playstation 5 create a virtual reality? Can you feel that the limit for Playstation x is infinite? It’s just moving towards to GOD… we’ll just have to guess the number. While playing Devil May Cry 4 :)



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